Few Benefits Of ‘CampusCare® ’In School Management . . .

    Easy to adapt, scalable & widely accepted School ERP with stable support system.

    Supporting Indian schools to deliver a world class education.

  • Mobile Apps & Parent Portal

    Mobile Apps for Parents, Teachers and Management.

    Making the school more attractive for many parents & experience the POWER of CampusCare® ERP and parent engagement tools.


    Online communication and do away with too many Physical Meetings.

    Improving effectiveness in every sphere of school education through
    proper and timely communication.

    School's Reputation Shoots up.

  • School Website

    Mobile Apps for Parents, Teachers & Management, and Device based design.

    Making the school more attractive for many parents & experience the POWER of CampusCare® ERP and parent engagement tools.

  • Inspire Student Success

    Right information and communication at right time improve the performance and inspire success.

    Simplifying the schooling experience for students and parents.


Welcome to Entab

Manage Data, Improve Communication & Inspire Success...

Entab is the leader and advanced school management software/School ERP in the name and trade mark of “CampusCare®” in the country since 2000. The user-friendly management software for school comes with login access for teachers, administrators, students, parents and management of the school. Entab provides most advanced web based School ERP software/ for easy and hassle free school management of accounting 3M’s (Man, Money and Material) and to establish smooth communication within the departments and to the parents.

Why CampusCare®?

  • Registration

  • Admission

  • Fee

  • Online Payment

  • Exam & result

  • Library

  • ERP Modules

  • Attendance & Biometric

  • Payroll

  • Accounts

  • Transport Attendance

  • Bus Tracking

  • Time Table

Salient Features of CampusCare®

What We Do

The technology, functionality, users and devices are keep changing in the fast moving world. The solutions provided to the school need regular updations to cope with this changing situations. This include continues and comprehensive approach to protect the application from security threat, speed of the application etc.
The pulses of schools are well understood by the entabians and they strive to promote the school with greater vision as well through the media of website. Today entab enjoys the credibility of giving consulatnacy in this technical arena.
Various integration smoothen the regular working of the institution. The technology what we deliver should be combatable with bar code, QR code, biometric machines for staff attendance etc
POS integration is very important after the demonetization drive. The online payments and cashless /cheque less operation indicates that a country is really making growth. There is hardly any cash needed for educated folks.
Today in the modern era schools inspire the students success with regular communication with parents/students. Bringing accountability to the work carried out will ensure a greater success in any industry and this applies here as well.


Portal & Mobile apps

The new CampusCare® Parent App & Teacher App allow schools to easily communicate with parents and students. Whether it’s sharing information such as attendance or school reports or sending reminders for daily homework tasks. These information are easily accessible from the convenience of their phone, tablet or PC. It has additional feature like making school fee payment, communicating with teachers, viewing the report cards, tracking the bus , accessing the school library etc.

A convenient way to bring parents , teachers and educators to be in a single platform.

Our Strength

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